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Post It Note Power

Never under estimate the power in small things, small changes, and small ideas. They often lead to bigger outcomes. Have you ever stopped to think about how many amazing ideas began with just a simple note scribbled on a small piece of paper, on a napkin or even on the back of an envelope. Many …

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The Power of a Mentor

Think back to a time when someone inspired you. Perhaps they spoke at an event you attended. You may remember a teacher who you loved. Whatever your memory, you probably thought of that person as a mentor. What was it about that person that inspired you? Was it the way they spoke or was it …

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Focused Time

We all know time can fly when we are having fun. If you really want to see it fly, then just jump into social media for a few minutes and you can easily see the time fly and the clock zoom rapidly to an hour. Our time is precious and you want to make the …

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