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I'm Leiah Carr and I have a passion for personal development and helping people create a lifestyle and mindset for health, wealth, and success. I share from my many years of business, helpful manifesting and success tips, techniques, courses, and coaching to help you to dream big and create your definition of success. On my site, you'll find the right courses, coaching, and methods you need to change your life.

Through my work and studies in business, mindset, neurolinguistic programming, sound and energy healing, massage therapy, and manifesting, I help you release your limiting patterns and beliefs so that you can step into your next level of health, wealth and success.

Explore the possibilities through my courses and events where you will learn about energy, vibration and mind shifting techniques with a blend of business savvy to help you create a success vision and blend it together to create your new dream life.  

My courses and coaching focus on helping you to do the inner work and mindset shifts to become a magnet to attract and achieve your goals, desires, and success. I help you live and manifest from a success+ mindset.  If you're ready to learn, grow, and manifest your next level of success, visit my products page for various resources to help you get started.

It all begins with the right mindset and vision.  Join me to learn how to dream it, believe it, and achieve it. 

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More about Leiah

Leiah Carr, like a diamond, is multi-faceted.  She is a CEO, business owner, author, speaker, international educator, success and wellness coach, artist, licensed massage therapist, sound and energy healer, and abundance activator. She facilitates an international meditation and manifesting group where they have seen amazing success. As an energy healer, she has seen physical miracles occur before her eyes.  One of her therapy clients named her the "muscle whisperer" for her miraculous healing abilities.  

She has worked as a CEO and President of multiple corporations in the wellness industry.  She oversaw and managed a large-scale organization, an extensive board, a wellness magazine, legal and legislative endeavors, plus one of the largest annual health and wellness conventions in the nation. Leiah has also been inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.  She worked in the fast-paced, high-stress stock, bond, and communications industry as well as a CEO in the wellness industry, which is how she can bring you knowledge and teach you how to de-stress and keep your inner peace while achieving success.

Leiah Carr Sound Healer
Leiah Carr Artist
Leiah Carr CEO Speaker International Educator
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