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The Manifesting Academy

Welcome to the community and  membership you've been looking for to learn the skills to manifest your goals, dreams and desires






What do you dream about manifesting?

Do your desires include luxury travel, the perfect relationship, your dream car or maybe the perfect job or better health?

Learn how to use the power of your mind and the universal laws to reach your goals and manifest your dreams


Online Training

Connecting monthly to learn how to apply the methods to get clear, get a plan, and implement the methods to manifest your goals and dreams.


Clearing Your Blocks

Discover methods to release limiting beliefs that may be standing in your way of greater abundance.



Discovering Your Tribe

You'll create new connections, new friendships and have a little laughter along the way while learning how to manifest.

The Manifesting Academy Networking

Connecting-Collaborating-Living Your Dream

In the Manifesting Academy you're connecting to people who love to dream, believe and achieve their goals using the universal principals, the power of their mind, clarity and focus.  In the Manifesting Academy you will learn about manifesting while creating connections, friendships and fun.

Online Trainings & Masterminds

You can access trainings through the membership portal from anywhere...even from your definition of paradise.

The Manifesting Academy Dream Career

The Manifesting Academy Membership Includes:

The Law of Attraction & Assumption

Understanding the law of attraction, the law of assumption and other universal principals gives you a greater ability to create the life you desire.  We are always manifesting, but understanding the "how" allows you to manifest intentionally rather than experiencing the random affects you're living with now. Once you understand the rules, the game gets easier

Monthly Manifesting Meditations

Leiah has run a private international meditation, mastermind and manifesting group for the last three years.  They have seen and experienced amazing results.  Now as a Manifesting Academy member you will receive the same benefits that this VIP group has experienced.  Each month you will connect for a transformative group experience.

Understanding the Power of Visualization

You'll have access to information to gain a greater understanding of visualization and the power you have been gifted to manifest, attract and achieve your goals and dreams.  You'll learn techniques but also the science behind why visualization is so powerful and the positive affect it has on brain and body.

Monthly Manifesting Meeting

Every month there will be a special zoom meeting to discuss manifesting methods, make connections, and receive mastermind support on what you are working on manifesting.  You'll experience the power of connecting with others who are learning to manifest. Working together we can always accomplish more and move faster and further.

Working Through Blocks to Manifesitng

Learn how to identify, release and reprogram your mind to release the blocks that are limiting you from attracting the things you want.

Member Discounts

As a Manifesting Academy member you receive special member pricing on products, courses and events on the website.

Learn Money Tapping trademark symbol - Wiktionary

Leiah will share her proprietary technique for aligning your vibration to money through this unique method based on multiple ancient systems. The entire process came to her following a divine moment of inspiration when she followed an intuitive prompting.

Member Bonuses

As a member you have access to all of the bonuses that Leiah adds to the member portal.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

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