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Who Cheers You Onward & Upward

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Who Cheers You Onward & Upward

Do you have people in your life that cheer you onward and upward? Do you have someone in your life that encourages you and helps you believe in your dreams?

Often as entrepreneurs and business people we have to look within to find the spirit to cheer ourselves on. We have to look within to celebrate our successes both big and small that others may not see or recognize. With more people working from home and in small business environments that can have a competitive culture its challenging to find your cheerleaders and encouraging people. Lets face it not everyone wants to see you win and succeed, or at least not more then them.

Often the people closest to us are the last ones to see and recognize our hidden talents and potential. They just see you in the role and using the skills their familiar with most of the time. Family and friends might even get uncomfortable when you begin to change and grow and follow your inner dreams and passions.

This is the phase that can be most challenging. When your inner circle, your close friends, and even your family don’t want to see you change from where they are comfortable with you being.

When you find yourself in this situation you have to begin to look outside of your comfort zone, your familiar circles and resources and find the groups, people and a coach that will help you activate the talents, skill, potential and passions within you that are just waiting to bloom forth. You have to take the positive actions to seek out the people who will encourage you and cheer you on to live your best life. One filled with passion, purpose, and the one your were destined to live.

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