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Moving Forward One Step At A Time

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Moving Forward One Step At A Time

Sometimes to move forward you have to let go of the past, or let go of the old.  Moving forward can look different for different people.  Sometimes to move forward you have to let go of what is holding you down, holding you back, or slowing you down.  Perhaps it's an old way of doing things, an old pattern, old belief, old relationships or old self image.

Progress can occur in waves with rapid progress, and at other times the progress can be slow.  When your progress slows you need to remind yourself of how far you've already come.  You may not be where you want to be but you're further ahead then you were before.  Slow progress is still progress and is better than no progress at all.  When you have a goal as long as you're moving forward you're headed in the right direction!

When your momentum stalls pause to remind yourself of why you want to achieve this goal in the first place, how you will feel when you achieve it, and how you and others might benefit from the end result.  These simple steps can help fan your desire to jump back in, take some action and see yourself moving forward one step at a time.

Remember as you move forward there will likely be obstacles, challenges, and even people along the way that may make it more difficult.  You may even encounter people who can't see the vision of what you see in your end goal.  You have to push all those aside in your mind and keep moving forward one step at a time.

If your task seems to large, then break it down into bite size sections and actions and work on each piece one at a time.   As you progress through each task and look back you will realize you are once again making progress.

Sometimes to move forward, even if it's climbing a mountain or taking on a major goal or project you have to remember that each is accomplished with the same mindset blended with energy and action.  Before you know it you'll be moving forward one step at a time.  Keep moving, keep working and keep heading in the right direction...the direction of your goals and dreams.  If you you keep working this same recipe for success you will achieve your goals and step at a time!

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