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Get Out Of Your Box

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Get Out Of Your Box

Sometimes you just find yourself doing the same thing day after day. You might find that your inspiration and fire within are starting to flicker instead of blaze and shine. This can happen to even the most motivated so you’re not alone if you’ve experienced this before or might be experiencing it now.

One way to shake off this haze and daze that might be dulling your shine and drive is to get out of your box. This can happen with a few hours out with friends, at your favorite nature retreat or in a park, a few hours at the beach if you have one near. If you really want to shift your energy and your mindset then plan a short weekend away. It doesn’t mean you have to go far, or even take the whole weekend away. A one hour drive and a night in a new environment can do wonders for the soul.

We are not meant to work like machines and never give ourselves permission to rest. There always seems to be something else to complete, another task to be done, another need to be filled, or another project to complete. Whether that’s on the home front or the business world.

Give yourself permission to take a few hours off and relax, dream and unwind. Take a journal and write your goals and dreams. Make notes of your successes and wins…even the small ones should be celebrated. Those celebrations can begin with a short break and time out of your box to let your mind rest, refresh, imagine the possibilities and return with a new perspective and maybe even a new plan on what you need to work on next to accomplish the biggest change and results your looking for. Remember that you’re not in a short race, but your in it for the long haul so take care of your mind, your body and your spirit and get out of the box and reinvigorate your spirit. You will be so glad you did.

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