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Dream Killers

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Dream Killers


Have you ever encountered a dream killer?  They are out there and come in many forms.  Maybe they are someone in your life, or maybe you unknowingly might even be one yourself.  Dream killers can be someone close to us such as our spouse, partner, parent, children, or even close friends.  You might be shocked to discover that you are a dream killer too.  This could come in the form of denying your dreams and not following your passion, or it could come in the form of self sabotage and undermining or delaying the achievement of your dreams. 

Dream killers can often be well intentioned and think they are actually helping you by not encouraging you to pursue your dreams.  Sometimes, however, they can be people who have not reached their dreams or didn’t dare to follow their dreams and they don’t want to see you achieve yours, even if they are not consciously aware of it.  These individuals might even be people close to you who are fearful of how you might change or your relationship might change if you truly follow and reach your dreams.  

You might find that at times we can be our own enemy and dream killer.  This could come in the form of finding a list of reasons why you can’t or haven’t reached your dreams….no time, no money, to many responsibilities, to big a risk, etc.  The list could go on and on.  

You might also find that you’ve killed your dreams by not giving yourself permission to dream and to pursue your dreams.

If you’ve encountered a dream killer it can take the wind right out of your sails and your passion to persevere can be damaged.  The one goal of a dream killer is to make sure you never see your dreams become a reality.

The truth is you have to guard your dreams.  You have to be cautious about who you share your dreams with and what level of detail. When it comes right down to it, if your dream killer is someone very close to you, then you have to make sure that you keep the dream alive even in spite of the resistance you might run into.

As you create your dream, follow your dream and take active steps to achieving and manifesting your dream you have to become your own cheerleader.  You have to begin to delete or at least monitor who and what you share regarding your dreams. If your dream killer is someone who is negative or doesn’t encourage you or cheer you on, then consider limiting your contact with this person, or deleting them from your life all together.  
Your life is like a great show in the theatre.  Some people are meant to sit on the front row, some further back in the theatre, some in the balcony, and some are meant to stay outside.  The beauty is it’s your life, your dream and you get to decide their level of access.  Healthy boundaries are a good thing, and you get to set them.  Don’t allow the dream killers to stop you from pursuing your goals and dreams and remember to always DREAM BIG!

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