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Develop The Do It Now Habit

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Develop The Do It Now Habit

One of the best habits you can develop that can contribute to your success is the habit of the Do It Now mindset. Building on this habit and mindset can move you forward in multiple areas of your life.

How many times have you set the cup down and thought I’ll wash that later, or put the shirt on the chair and thought I’ll put that away later, or had the prompting to make that phone call but allowed a distraction to arise and you thought I’ll do it later.

Sometimes the opportunity is missed and the chance to make the call to the person you thought of briefly is lost forever. Building on this one simple habit and mindset of Do It Now seems simple but can have lasting impact. Even in the smallest of areas.

We often allow this simple act and mindset to delay us in achieving our dreams and living our best life. What is often the case is the simple act of delaying the taking small actions creates a backlog of simple task that eat away at your time and energy. When you take the attitude of Do It Now you’ll find that those things that you might have thought would take up valuable time, only takes a few minutes to complete and then you can move forward with a clear mind to the next task at hand.

Most were taught as kids that it you took it out, put it back. It seemed so simple, and at times annoying to hear but those early habits were the building blocks and small steps to success.

We often find that clutter, stacks of paper and delayed phone calls or actions are forms of procrastination. They say the underlying issue with procrastination is delayed decisions. These outward representations show us areas or moments where we have delayed decisions or actions, thinking I’ll deal with that later. Work to begin to incorporate the habit and mindset of being a Do It Now person and watch how many areas you can apply this habit to in your life and how far it can take you towards achieving your goals and dreams. So remember apply the Do It Now mindset.

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