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What You'll Learn In This Guide


Transform Limiting Beliefs

Understand how to identify and replace negative financial beliefs with empowering affirmations that support wealth creation.


Rewire Your Brain For Success

Discover techniques to create new, positive neural pathways that support empowering beliefs and constructive financial behaviors.


Cultivate A Positive Money Mindset

Learn how to build a mindset that consistently sees opportunities for financial growth and encourages proactive, wealth-building actions

Plus a SPECIAL BONUS! Wealth Affirmations Meditation

As a special bonus, enjoy my Wealth Affirmations Meditation, designed to complement your guide and deepen your financial transformation. This guided meditation will help you internalize the positive affirmations, and elevate your energy, making it easier to attract and manifest abundance. This meditation is designed to be a calming and powerful addition to your daily routine to help you internalize these wealth affirmations.  

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And your BONUS Wealth Affirmations Meditation and start to learn how to transform your mindset to attract abundance into your life.

Leiah Carr CEO Business & Manifesting Strategist

Are you constantly stressed about money and feel trapped in a cycle of financial scarcity? Do you find yourself battling negative beliefs that prevent you from achieving your financial goals? The Wealth Affirmations Guide is here to help you transform your mindset, reprogram your subconscious, and start attracting the abundance you deserve.

Hi, I'm Leiah

Drawing from my experience as a CEO and a firm believer in the power of affirmations and the law of attraction, I have crafted the Wealth Affirmations Guide to share the strategies that have helped me manifest success. This guide is based on real-life practices and principles that have transformed my financial reality, offering you actionable insights and techniques to achieve similar results. Let my journey and proven methods guide you towards financial abundance and prosperity.

Famous individuals across various fields have harnessed the power of affirmations to achieve extraordinary success. Oprah Winfrey, a global media mogul, has often spoken about her use of positive affirmations to overcome adversity and manifest her dreams. Jim Carrey famously wrote himself a check for $10 million for "acting services rendered" and carried it in his wallet as an affirmation of his future success, which he later achieved. Entrepreneur and author Tony Robbins uses affirmations to maintain his peak performance and inspire millions. These stories exemplify how affirmations can transform lives by fostering a mindset of success and abundance, proving that anyone can harness this power to create their desired reality.

By incorporating the Wealth Affirmations Guide into your daily routine, you can join the ranks of these successful individuals who have used affirmations to transform their lives. With insights drawn from my own journey as a CEO and the proven techniques of renowned figures, this guide is your key to unlocking financial abundance and personal prosperity. Start today and witness the profound changes that positive affirmations can bring to your mindset and financial reality. Embrace the power of affirmations and take the first step towards manifesting the success you deserve.

So, if you’re ready to embark on your wealth journey, let me share my tips on affirmations so you will know what to do and how to apply the information to change your mindset to attract the wealth you deserve.



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