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Vision Board Fun

With Leiah Carr

When: Saturday, January 28, 2023 @ 1 PM Eastern

Where: Zoom (I'll provide the link via email)

Why: Learn the Secrets To Create & Manifest Your Health, Wealth & Success Vision


Registration is limited!

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I’m Leiah Carr and I have a passion for teaching personal development, manifesting, and helping people learn to use the power of their mind and techniques to manifest their goals and dreams.  In this class I'll be your Manifesting Mentor to provide you with the tools and the mindset you need to change your life.

Through my work as a successful CEO, entrepreneur and studies in business, mindset, energy healing and manifesting, I've learned what works.  I'm excited to share what I've learned to help you release your limiting beliefs and patterns to DREAM BIG and achieve your goals.


This Masterclass will start in

This class is for you if...

  • If you’re ready to gain clarity on your biggest dream and tools to achieve it

  • If you're ready to learn a fun way to manifest and achieve your goals

  • If you're ready to learn a step by step process that actually works


What you'll learn

What A Vision Board Is And How It Works

It's a visual representation of your goals and dreams, but there's so much more to it then just pictures

How To Design Your Vision Board For Success

Don't get stuck with boring goal list. The brain works with pictures.  Learn a powerful method to make your goals and dreams visible.

What To Do Once You've Completed Your Vision Board

Learn how to activate and use the power of your mind to achieve your goals and dreams

5 Vision Board Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are mistakes people make that sabotage their vision board succcess.  Learn how to avoid these.

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I've used vision boards to manifest some amazing things from first class travel, boats, cars and much more.  Vision Boards have been used by the famous and not so famous to achieve and live their dreams.

One of those famous individuals is Jack Canfield.  Jack is a successful author and speaker. He is also a master of vision boards. Jack has shared that he first began visualizing by making a check for $100K and placing it above his bed so that he could see it upon waking. At the time he started this, he was earning $8,000 a year. When he realized success from that, his wife wondered if it would work for any amount of money. Jack believed in the law of attraction, so he created a check for $1 million dollars.

Now it is highly likely you have heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Yes, Jack’s first million-dollar check received was a royalty check for that very first book in his impressive series His personal vision board hangs on the back of his bedroom door, where he sees it multiple times, plus a folding vision board he takes with him on his many business travel dates.

If you’ve heard about vision boards, but didn’t know what they were or where to begin, or maybe made one but didn’t see any results, then this class is for you.  You will learn how to get clear, make your unique design and what to do with it once it’s completed.  You’ll also receive a bonus for attending to help you in activating and achieving results.


So... are you in?

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